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Rose, Spa owner, esthetician, masseuse

Background and experience 

My name is Rose and I have been practicing as an esthetician and masseuse for 17 years. I am passionate about the services that I provide. Since the age of 9 years old, it has been my dream.

I studied Massage and Esthetics in France for 6 years (Aesthetics and massage bachelor degree) and then I moved to Paris to work in some prestigious spas such as La Sultane de Saba, Hotel Palace Le Bristol, Ken Club, Nuxe, and Galleries Lafayette.

I have also practiced in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver ( Absolute Spa Century Plaza, Miraj Hammam), and Whistler ( Fairmont château Whistler and Westin Resort and Spa) Canada.

I also have experience organizing events such as Bachelorette Parties in Paris and I have been a spa consultant and have assisted in the creation of a spa in a Hotel in Angola.

In 2016, I was self-employed and provided my own services in West Coast Float in Whistler, BC, Canada.  I am building a loyal clientele and learning a lot about running my own business. Now, I am starting a new adventure in Downtown Squamish with the concept of an Organic and natural spa with many amazing treatments from head to toe.

My Philosophy

My desire is that all my clients feel relaxed and pampered and that they receive thoroughly amazing treatment from me.

I offer treatments using the most natural ingredients possible. For massage, I only use quality organic oil. Secondly, I offer Organic facials with Charme d'Orient products from France. Most of the ingredients are natural or organic with the beauty rituals of North African and Middle Eastern countries. Also, I offer “sugaring waxing”, a technique originally from these same countries. It is a natural, gentle way to remove hair, including hair in sensitive areas.  Sugaring is a handmade wax with lemon, honey, and sugar. 

On top of that, I am proud to be using some nail polish Sophi, it is a non-toxic, water-based nail polish. You can only find it in some parts of Canada.

I am also certified in Bio sculpture which is why I can offer manicures and pedicures with 5-star safety premium gel that only certified estheticians are able to provide

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                Best esthetician
          2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Nada - Ombre Brows Artist

My name is Nada, I am a certified ombre brows artist from New Jersey. I have a background in business and management, but I have always had a passion for art, makeup, and design. Prior to joining the beauty industry, I had always enjoyed building relationships and helping people in my previous jobs, but I felt that I couldn’t express my creativity in my work.


When I stumbled upon the permanent makeup industry, I knew this was an opportunity for me to be able to express my passion for art, shapes, and colors as well as connect with people. It gives me such a sense of fulfillment to be able to call this my work and look forward to all the amazing people I get to meet!


Explore my portofolio on my website :


Gabreilla - Sugarista 

Hi, my name is Gabriella. I’ve lived in Squamish all my life, and I love it here. I’ve always loved the idea behind all beauty services. I’ve wanted to start my beauty journey for a while now and I finally am. I’m going to school this coming spring/summer to start an aesthetician course in Vancouver. Meanwhile, until then I’ll be learning all I can about sugaring here at the Sugaring Beauty Boudoir.


I love what I’m doing already which makes me more confident that it’s something I will be great at. I can’t wait to meet so many new people and make each person feel comfortable and relaxed, so they can walk out of their appointment feeling fresh happy, and rejuvenated. 


Emiline - Masseuse

From a young age, I've found joy in giving massages to my family members. My decision to pursue a career in massage therapy was cemented when I witnessed the profound impact of a palliative massage on my father. This experience fuels my ongoing studies, as I aspire to bring that same sense of peace and relief to other families.


My path as a massage bodywork therapist is deeply rooted in a belief in holistic wellness. With a blend of skill and genuine care, my goal is to provide physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and relief to those I have the privilege to work with. My guiding philosophy is simple yet heartfelt: to leave things better than you found them.


Letysia - Nail Technician 


My name is Letysia. I’m from Cameroon, and I have a big passion for doing nails. Ever since I was young I have gotten my nails done at salons and every time I would watch how the ladies worked and the skills they had to give the perfect manicure. In 2023 I finally told myself “if you want something go for it, be true to who you are”, that’s when my addiction for practicing the art of nails began. I watched countless video tutorials online and slowly started practicing on myself, friends and family. A huge peak for my new career was when I arrived in Squamish, British Columbia. I got the opportunity to work here at Sugaring Beauty Boudoir and I am so grateful I was given the chance too. The team is amazing, supportive, kind and knowledgable, my confidence is improving and I can’t wait to continue my progress here. I am happy to say that I do nails for a living and loving every minute of it!


Do you want to work with us? Check the career page and apply.

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