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Rose, Spa owner, esthetician, masseuse

Background and experience 

My name is Rose and I have been practicing as an esthetician and masseuse for 17 years. I am passionate about the services that I provide. Since the age of 9 years old, it has been my dream.

I studied Massage and Esthetics in France for 6 years (Aesthetics and massage bachelor degree) and then I moved to Paris to work in some prestigious spas such as La Sultane de Saba, Hotel Palace Le Bristol, Ken club, Nuxe, Galleries Lafayette.

I have also practised in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver ( Absolute spa Century Plaza, Miraj hammam), Whistler ( Fairmont château Whistler and Westin resort and spa) Canada.

I also have experience organizing events such as Bachelorette Parties in Paris and I have been a spa consultant and have assisted in the creation of a spa in a Hotel in Angola.

In 2016, I was self-employed and provide my own services  in West Coast Float in Whistler, BC, Canada.  I am building a loyal clientele and learning a lot about running my own business. Now, I am starting a new adventure in Downtown Squamish with a concept of Organic and natural spa with many amazing treatments from head to toes.

My Philosophy

My desire is that all my clients feel relaxed and pampered and that they receive a thoroughly amazing treatment from me.

I offer treatments using the most natural ingredients possible. For massage, I only use quality organic oil. Secondly, I offer Organic facial with Charme d'Orient products from France. Most of the ingredients are naturals or organic with the beauty rituals of North African and middle east countries. Also, I offer “sugaring waxing”, a technique originally from these same countries. It is a natural, gentle way to remove hair, including hair in sensitive areas.  Sugaring is a handmade wax with lemon, honey and sugar. 

On top of that, I am proud to be using some nail polish Sophi, it is a non toxic, water based nail polish. You can only find in some parts of Canada.

I am also certified Bio sculpture that it is why I can offer manicure and pedicure with 5 star safety premium gel that only certified estheticians are able to provide.

Marie Eve - Esthetician and Masseuse

My name is Marie Ève, I have been working in the spa industry for 7 years now, since I moved from Quebec to British Columbia.

Changing career's from a pre-school teacher to esthetician has been quite different but also similar in the way of caring and holding the space for people to make them feel at ease. But as an esthetician and masseuse, I really enjoy making people feel good about them-selves. It is now a part of my life style and contributes to my happiness.

Since I started this new career, I worked at Absolute Spa in Vancouver and Nita lake lodge in Whistler. I am happy now to offer my services and knowledge and keep learning at Sugaring beauty boudoir.

To me, real beauty encompasses a complete well being in every level of your life. It is natural and always shines from your heart. It is why, working with natural and good quality products truly resonate with the values that I cherish.

I am happy to meet you and to make you feel good and relaxed while you escape the busy life !

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Best esthetician 2020, 2021, 2022
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